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We help credit unions provide a better digital experience for their members.

Faster Payments

Plug-and-play solution to securely and easily send and receive payments. Supports ACH, RTP, Zelle, Mastercard/Visa, and FedNow 1.

Personalized Financial Literacy

Help members reach their financial goals via personalized journeys - from saving for a car or home, to starting a business or side hustle.

Increased Digital Engagement

Create a better experience for members by understanding and predicting their needs, and providing tailored products/services.

Case Studies

Some Examples

We make it easy for any credit union to support their members, personally and professionally.

Nick runs a small cleaning business, but struggles to get money from his younger customers (who don't have checks or cash). He uses Paytus to offer easy and fast payment options to his customers.


Faster Payments P2P, B2B, and B2C

Derryl wanted to live debt-free. She used Paytus to create a custom pay-off plan, and even set up recurring payments from her checking account to repay her loans.


Financial Literacy Tools to Pay Off Debt

Erin, a teacher, wanted to have a side baking business. She used Paytus to learn how to start a business, incorporate and set up her business checking/savings account, get insurances, and apply for loans.


Financial Literacy Tools to Start a Business


Personalized For Each Member

Financial Literacy

Give members the resources they need to succeed in their own journey.


Members can set personal and professional goals, ranging from paying off their debt to saving money to start their own business.

Financial Wellbeing

Members can see their financial wellbeing at a glance, using intuitive charts and graphs, and compare it to their goal(s).

Smart Recommendations and Lessons

Members can get personal guidance to help them achieve their goals, save more, and plan for the future.

Personal Cheerleader and Assistant

Members get notified when they get closer to achieving their goals, and get a cheerleader to help them go all the way. They also have an assistant to set up automated flows to help ensure they can reach their goals.

Secure and Easy

Faster Payments

Let your members send and receive money, from and to anyone, instantly.

Send from any account, personal or business

Send to individuals (P2P) or businesses

Support multiple currencies

Select transfer method - including FedNow1!


Personal Relationships In a Connected World

Digital Engagement

We help credit unions maintain, and increase, their personal touch…even if members don’t visit a branch office. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your credit union!

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